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Stubborn Will are a powerful new melodic hardcore band smashing their way out of the deep forests around Spokane, Washington, USA. Formed in 2019 and drawing influences from melodic hardcore and new wave punk, they’ve created a musical hybrid that incorporates the aggressive/poetic energy of hardcore, while keeping the in your face tone of punk.


Stubborn Will is very keen on spreading a message of resilience towards life’s unpredictable, and ruthless way of tearing you down. The band are all long time friends who’ve been playing shows together in different bands for some years


'Contempt' is Stubborn Will’s debut release, a blistering five track CDEP of intense but melodic hardcore with a message.


Contempt tracklist:

1, Stubborn Will

2, Contempt

3, Indignation

4, Grieved

5, Coming To Terms


Stubborn Will is:

Alek Browning: Guitar/vocals

Ashton Adams: Drums

Cade Brown: Bass


Catch up with Stubborn Will on Facebook and Instagram


Stubborn Will - Contempt CD

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