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The beautiful and blasting new 5-song EP from The Jukebox Romantics entitled 'Fires Forming' features the tracks 'Time to fly', 'Hey Nora', 'Dine Fleisch', 'You spin me (Right Said Fred) and 'Castaway' and rocks in a very agreebale post-punk Deep Elm meets No Idea type of way.


The 12" vinyl comes in three gorgeous colours; Violet, Gold and Transparent Blue. You can let us know which colour you'd prefer, or just order all three!


We picked these colours to align with the beautiful artwork that Mikeala Jane Kennaway provided for us (thank you Mikeala!!).

Each variant is limited to 100 units each.


Thirteen years into the game, The Jukebox Romantics are still the same fun-loving, in your face punk rockers that they have always been. Taking the best elements from bands such as Alkaline Trio, Samiam and The Bouncing Souls, the band excels at writing the kind of songs that are as big on melody as they are on energy. And following a global pandemic, they are even more fired up than ever before.


"Late summer 2019 we returned to Nada Recording studio in Montgomery, New York, to work once again with the amazing John Naclerio. John produced our 2018 record Sleepwalk Me Home, and no one has understood the sounds and mood the band was trying to achieve more so than John. He has worked with a lot of amazing artists like My Chemical Romance, Polar Bear Club, Bayside, and has a way of smoothing out the rough edges and getting the best out of the musicians he works with," says vocalist/guitarist Mike Terry.


"So, we went into the studio in August 2019 with the idea of starting the process of a full length. We got all the music done on five songs but with a busy touring schedule, we left the studio with a plan to return in early 2020 to record more music for the release. We wanted to record about 15 songs and pick the best 10-12. We got held up in the writing process as we were looking to really push ourselves and then boom, pandemic," he adds. "With the pandemic and the three of us [Terry/ Norm/ and Bobby Edge our bass player from 2014-2020 who recorded on the Fires Forming EP] living not near each other, taking the virus very seriously, we put the recording on hold until it was safe to return.

"Time passed and it was finally safe to return to the studio in Fall 2020 but we were changed people. Like many, the pandemic forced a lot of introspection, changed priorities, and with that came the exit of Bobby to the band right before heading back in to continue the process. But we had unfinished business and we all wanted to finish what we started together cause these song fucking rule and we love and respect each other. So we got back into Nada and brought the lyrics we had been writing for these songs over the quarantine into the vocal booth and sang our hearts out. Songs about protest, escapism, social change, personal change, and loneliness. For a band that prides themselves on writing fun catchy tunes, we feel like we wrote some fun catchy ass tunes that have a ton of depth and meaning behind them besides drinking songs of punk rock pirate adventuring; nothing wrong with that either!"

The Jukebox Romantics - Fires Forming 12" vinyl EP

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