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4-way Picture Disc 7" Split (American Thrills, Nightmares For A Week, Tired Radio, Neckscars) Limited edition.


Engineer Records, Wiretap Records, Sell the Heart Records and Rat Terror Records are teaming up to release an epic 4-way 7" picture disc split featuring new tracks from American Thrills , Nightmares for a Week , Tired Radio and Neckscars. 


Check out Nightmares for a Week's track here:


Beautiful picture disc vinyl and banging new tracks. You know you want this.


There are unique picture disc designs for each label, so why not collect them all!

Order the Engineer Records variant here.


American Thrills 
Connecticut's American Thrills make rustic, anthemic heartland punk in the spirit of bands like The Gaslight Anthem and The Menzingers. While the band was formed in 2020, The guys have been playing together in various projects since the early 2000's. The long term chemistry allows for prolific songwriting and the band has released 2 EP's within their first 6 months of existence. The recently-released Old Things EP was made with help from two other great Connecticut musicians: The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die's Chris Teti produced it, and Hot Rod Circuit frontman Andy Jackson sings the bridge on closing track "Wandering." Make sure to catch them this fall at Fest and be on the lookout for their debut LP which is scheduled for a 2022 release.


Tired Radio 
Tired Radio is a bruising, melodic 4-piece nugget from Brooklyn, NY. Beneath the ripping guitars, explosive drums and anthemic vocals, at the very core of any Tired Radio song, you will find a tender heart mired in the grit of absolute vulnerability. It’s fun and it’s serious. It’s sad but it isn’t. Turn it up loud, baby. It’s Tired Radio. For fans of Beach Slang and The Lawrence Arms. Tired Radio recently released their rocking debut LP Patterns on Engineer Records. 


Formed in Downstate, New York in late 2018, Neckscars have a classic punk rock and roll sound that doesn’t lean too hard on nostalgia and standard formulas. You can hear them echo influences ranging from Seaweed to Dead Boys as they embrace their unbridled enthusiasm. In March of 2020, Neckscars entered Nada Studios in Montgomery, New York with Producer John Naclerio and Sean-Paul Pillsworth for their first full-length recording. Ripping through 8 songs in just three days, the session came to halt in response to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. The band returned in the fall to tie up loose ends and bring another two songs to the table. Completed with a mastering by Jesse Cannon, Neckscars released their debut LP Don't Panic in June 2021 on Sell The Heart Records and Engineer Records.


Nightmares For A Week 
Nightmares For A Week was formed in Kingston NY over some beers on the back porch and a few old friends. Since their origin in 2009, the band has been known to cultivate folk-punk bangers for fans of bands like the Gaslight Anthem, Restorations, Blacklist Royals and Typesetter. With an extensive discography, including 3 LPS and various splits/singles on labels like Doghouse Records and Black Numbers Records, the band has become a staple of the tri-state scene. Nightmares released a new single, "Staff of Ra" in late 2020, and anticipates making a triumphant return in 2021.



American Thrills - Blue Collar

Nightmares For A Week - Main Street Market

Tired Radio - Monsters

Neckscars - The Condor Swoop




Tired Radio, Neckscars, American Thrills, Nightmares For A Week 4-way split

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