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Sirens & Shelter


Full of honesty and heart, Scott Mallard leaves everything on stage whilst on tour giving relentless live performances to audiences in the UK & EU. 


Formed in the summer of 2012, Sirens & Shelter has toured the UK four times, performing with Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids), Allison Weiss, Dave McPherson, Luke Jackson, Hidden Cabins (USA), Ryan Mills (CAN), Giants (UK), The Satellite Year (GER), Hildamay, White Clouds & Gunfire, Sean De Burca, T // Alan, Swallow & The Wolf, 8 Foot Felix (AUS), Nizlopi and played shows in Spain on three occasions with Her Only Presence promoting a wealth of original, emotionally charged songs. 

The Midnight Arrangement (2012) IGN192

Scott's first EP with eight classic tracks, demanded by fans after many great gigs. There were two superb, understated videos for 'The Deep End' and 'Socially Awkward' from this EP, as well as a third video for 'Two Left Feet', performed in a toilet.

The Midnight Arrangement - Tracklist:

1, The Northern Lights

2, The Deep End

3, Socially Awkward

4, Artist In Civil War

5, Yours To Keep 

6, Two Left Feet

7, Falling Floor

8, Over The Moon

Through The War (2013) IGN206

In early 2013 Scott teamed up with a few close friends to produce a full length Sirens & Shelter album titled ‘Through The War’ which sees collaboration with the likes of AJ Perdomo; The Dangerous Summer (USA), Paul Richards; One Day Elliott among others creating an album that reviewers are rightly hailing as “A rare masterpiece”.

Engineer Records have gone on record stating, “People need to hear this album to be saved from life…”

After sending out promotional copies of the album, Tanglewood Guitars (UK) has endorsed Scott, and Sirens & Shelter has been taken on by Desert Pearl Union Records in Barcelona, in support of Engineer Records, leading to two versions of the album, with purple and red covers.


One year on and ‘Through The War’ has helped Sirens & Shelter begin to build a dedicated fan base not just in the UK, but also the EU and parts of North America. Through relentless work ethic and playing an unhealthy amount of shows, over 1000 physical copies were sold within 10 months of release.

There was a video and digital single release for 'Landing Lights'

Through The War - Tracklist:

1, Black & Classic White

2, Eighties Song

3, Landing Lights (Ft. AJ Perdomo)

4, Four2TheFloor

5, Breathe

6, Lullabye

7, Text. Pictures.

8, See You Soon

9, Something Correct

10, Through The War

Sirens & Shelter / Ryan Mills split EP (2014) IGN214

Back on tour again Scott needed more CDs for sale at shows and we released a great split CDEP for him and Canadian artists Ryan Mills in April '14, featuring 'Breathe' and 'See You Soon' from Scott and the tracks 'Overflow' and She Takes Me' from Ryan.


Maybe You Should (2014/15) IGN226

Recorded at Anchorbaby Studio’s in Ashford, Kent with Dan Lucas (Jairus) and set for release in early 2015, ‘Maybe You Should’ is a 10-track album to follow ‘Through The War’. A little less complex in instrumentation reveals an extra level of honesty and depth to each song. The album touches on some sensitive subject matter, exploring the realities of balancing family, friends, relationships, too many shows, secrets, illness, and social pressure and expectation. 


With a couple of Tanglewood guitars to hand, Scott has experimented with alternative tunings and developed a more progressive, yet intricate guitar technique to help communicate feeling and move each track. Scott and Dan Lucas agreed to use more traditional recording techniques during production in an attempt to capture a mix of studio production and live performance ensuring the integrity of each song was kept intact.

Engineer Records partnered with Desert Pearl Union again in Europe and Oak Apple Records in North America for even broader coverage of this beautiful album.

Maybe You Should - Tracklist:

  1.  Undetected

  2.  12 Months

  3.  You’re Not Alone

  4.  Midnight Therapy

  5.  Good News

  6.  Make Up & Medicine

  7.  Maybe You Should

  8.  Indicate Left

  9.  Walk It Off

  10.  Every Word


Since these releases Scott has travelled the world but still found time to record digital singles / video for new tracks; 'Carried Your Weight', 'Sound The Alarm'and 'Once A Week' and then 'Calling Card' and 'On My Darkest Days. A new release is planned soon and there are videos for 'Carried Your Weight' and 'Sound The Alarm' on the Engineer Records youtube channel.

Here’s hoping these records makes you feel something, and that you’ll help by sharing Sirens & Shelter with your friends, and coming out to a show or two.


If you want to hear more there are limited copies of most of Sirens & Shelter CDs at the Eng Recs store and you can stream the releases on all digital channels too, including apple/iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. 


For listeners of: Copeland, GetCapeWearCapeFly, Owen, City and Colour, Anthony Green, My First Tooth, Kevin Devine, Into It. Over It, Dashboard Confessional, Last Years Diary and Death Cab for Cutie.







Scott plays &



Already Heard - Sirens & Shelter - Through The War -

If you’re a fan of the melodic acoustic hits from artists such as City and Colour and The Spill Canvas then Sirens & Shelter could be for you. This one man acoustic band stars the talented Scott Mallard, who writes and produces all his own original tracks. ‘Through The War’ is a playful album with ambient riffs and captivating melodies, and it’s not your usual emotional heart-wrenching acoustic record, making it just a bit different.

The record opens with ‘Black and Classic White’ a soft slow-paced hit, with a captivating harmonious melody and sweet vocals. This follows with a different style hit ‘90’s Song’, which is more upbeat and features powerful playful riffs, a sweeping melody and conveys a range of conflicting emotions.

’Through The War’ also features a special one off collaboration track with AJ Perdomo from The Dangerous Summer, which should instantly raise Sirens & Shelter’s profile with AJ’s fans giving it a listen.

The recommended listen is ‘Four2thefloor’  which has superb mesmerising riffs in time with wonderful sounds from the harmonica, adding that authentic country-like feel. The rhythm created by the talented instrumental playing is truly breathtaking. This carries on with another wonderful track ‘Breathe’ which again features outstanding guitar riffs.

As the record progresses, the tracks definitely improve with more terrific hits such as ‘See You Soon’ and ‘Text.Pictures’ featuring poetic riffs and a light-hearted tune. However the title song ‘Through The War’ is a big disappointment as a closing song, as it’s completely different to the rest of the tracks; this makes it seem disjointed and out of place.

’Through The War’ is a fantastic acoustic album that showcases Scott’s talent, and shows a promise for a bright future... The record features unique vocals, prevailing melodious riffs and splendid melodies – if you’re a fan of acoustic tunes, this album is definitely worth a good listen.

Download press sheet here
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