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The Atlantic Union Project

THE ATLANTIC UNION PROJECT may be new to the scene, but this post-punk outfit’s members are all seasoned musicians who’ve been playing in hardcore bands for over 25 years. The aptly named group is formed by a core of veteran musicians from the UK collaborating with Craig Cirinelli (vocals) who lives in Boonton, NJ.


Cirinelli’s lineage in other acts is long (Damn This Desert Air, Hidden Cabins, The World Concave, Elemae, etc). Not to be outdone, the UK contingent is equally impressive; David Gamage (guitar) played in Rydell, Couch Potatoes, Joeyfat and Come The Spring. Simon Goodrick (guitar) and Jamie Donbroski (drums) were both also in Come The Spring, as well as straight edge band Strength Alone, and Mark Wilkinson (bass) was in Come The Spring and Rydell, and before that, Rudedog and the BBMF’s. All that energy, accumulated knowledge and musical skill bursts out on The Atlantic Union Project’s upcoming 3,482 Miles EP.


The EP’s title has a special meaning, referring to the distance between Cirinelli in Boonton, NJ, and where the rest of TAUP’s members live in Brighton, England.

3,482 Miles was written and recorded during the pandemic, with audio files between sent across the Atlantic, the resulting EP is a love letter to the hardcore music scene. Inspirations include all the greats, ranging from Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, and Descendents to Hot Water Music, Braid, The Promise Ring and Seaweed.

TAUP is:
Mark Wilkinson: Bass guitar
Simon Goodrick: Guitar

David Gamage: Guitar

Jamie Donbroski: Drums
Craig Cirinelli: Microphone


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3,482 Miles EP // PRE-ORDERS:

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"This band kicks out high energy, melodic punk rock. There's soaring vocals. There are heart-on-the-sleeves lyrics. And on "Soon to End," the band wraps up ethering they do in one tight little ditty. This track has a lot of emotion, and a lot of punch."

-John Gentile

Thoughts Words Actions:

"So, we’re steering back to melodic punk rock waters with the upcoming debut EP release by The Atlantic Union Project. You probably heard it before, or maybe you stumbled upon some news we posted about this outstanding band, but if you aren’t familiar with these guys already, you should pay attention now. The Atlantic Union Project is a transatlantic punk rock band made of former and current members of Couch Potatoes, Joeyfat, Rydell, Come The Spring, Threadline, Elemae, (Damn) This Desert Air, Arctic Sleep, Hidden Cabins, etc. If you listened to any of the bands I listed, you probably know what to expect from The Atlantic Union Project. Their sound is a polyphonous clash between ideas, creativity, experience, and years of performing punk rock, pop-punk, indie, and emo music.

3,482 Miles represent the distance between Boonton, New Jersey, and Brighton, the UK, two towns where the members of The Atlantic Union Project currently live, so that’s the main reason they picked this as an EP title. This material consists of six outstanding compositions that span several complementary music genres. You’ll notice how nineties melodic punk rock, pop punk, post-hardcore, emo, and indie scenes inspired these guys to assemble such an excellent debut. The band distilled their love for that particular era of underground music through some fresh ideas, which were cleverly arranged, performed, and produced. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the 3,483 Miles EP sounds like an intelligent clash between old-school and contemporary punk rock music. After all, The Atlantic Union Project presented its sound through three outstanding singles, such as The Actuary, Trustworthy, and Soon To End, promoted by the record labels and the band over several websites and social media.

What I adore about The Atlantic Union Project is the dueling between lead and rhythm guitars. There’s no way you’ll miss those powerful riffs and cleverly assembled melodies, harmonies, and themes. Both guitars are equally present in the mix, so everything sounds even more interesting. Thankfully, the bass guitar is also vividly hearable on each track. Those sharp, clean, almost semi-distorted basslines define the massiveness of these songs. As usual, melodic punk rock music wouldn’t sound energetic without dynamic rhythmic maneuvers, and the drummer knows how to decorate each segment properly. But wait until you hear Craig’s voice. This guy is a beast and never ceases to amaze me with his impressive vocal skills. Each member plays a significant role in defining the sound of The Atlantic Union Project. Replace one of them, and this EP wouldn’t sound the same. I know some readers would like to read comparisons with famous punk rock bands, but The Atlantic Union Project sounds unique to me, and if you pay close attention to their songs, there isn’t any other band like this one on the scene. 3,482 Miles comes out on September 9th via Engineer Records, Sell The Heart Records, and Shield Recordings. Do yourself a favor and pre-order their vinyl record, or compact disc, or at least pre-save the EP on your favorite streaming platform."

-Djordje Miladinović


Today, we are psyched to debut the new video by The Atlantic Union Project! "Trustworthy" is a rough and ragged, blown out, bashed up… love tune! The band charges forward with some pumping melodic punk and then drops some sweet words over the top. The track is earnest, cathartic, and sometimes a little mean sounding.

Speaking to Punknews, the band's Simon Goodrick said: "The lyrical theme of this tune is a pretty obvious one from a head of not always obvious thoughts. It’s our punk rock love song on the EP. A shout-a-long that yearns for commitment, honesty, being real and forthright. It’s the 'as long as we don’t push one another over the edge, we’ve got one another’s backs' statement on the EP.”

-John Gentile

Rebel Noise:

New melodic hardcore/post-punk outfit The Atlantic Union Project of veteran musicians launch a dynamic and socio-politically relevant anthem and music video...

Rebel Noise is super-stoked to host the music video for the dynamic and tuneful single “The Actuary.”

This vibrantly enthusiastic track is being self-released because TAUP wanted to get it out there, but they’re in the process of securing a record label deal to distribute the whole EP.

“The Actuary” is a pumped-up number that charges full-steam ahead with gritty guitar jags, a running bass line, and hard-smacked drum beat. The jagged guitars whirl around Cirinelli’s emphatically shouted out vocals as he decries the economic disparity and other ills that plague our society.

The statement music video mirrors the powerful lyrics with equally potent visuals that include footage of a black man holding up an ‘Equal Rights’ sign, homeless individuals, fiery protest in the streets, police in riot gear, overflowing landfills, and people in hospitals.

Midway through the song there’s a calmer break, a chance to catch the breath, and that’s reflected in the music video with visuals of swaying trees in a forest – the contrast of the untouched natural world versus the constructed-by-humans cities that are contaminated by greed and inequity.

-Jen Dan

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