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Verse, Chorus, Inferno

Verse, Chorus, Inferno (feat. members of Pankina, Staly Fish and INhead) are a punk rock band from Como, Italy who formed back in 2007 and toured all around Europe. Now they are back with a bang and "Fast Times in Den Haag" is the first single to be released from their upcoming album, Flying a DeLorean to 2007, which bursts with new energy and purpose but looks back and celebrates those times. Recorded 100% at home studios and rehearsal rooms, the 11 tracks were then mixed and mastered by Chris Fogal of Black in Bluhm Studio in March 2022.

Verse, Chorus, Inferno is:

Gabriele Cucinella - Vocals, Guitar

Mattia Cimadoro - Vocals, Guitar

William Tessaro - Drums

Luca Bologna - Bass

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