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All Aboard! album release party

All Aboard!'s superb new album 'The Rules of Distraction' is officially out now!

Released on 21/5/21 on Bakraufarfita Records and Engineer Records, and we have LP and CD versions here waiting for you. It rocks. You need to hear it. You need to own it.

This album has been six years in the making and the band are more than excited to finally share some new music with you. The first singles, Satisfaction and 57 Walnut Street had great video launches too, and you can check out the whole record on spotify or wherever you stream music. Spotify:

A lot of time and effort went into this album and our friends at BOOZE CRUISE - Festival hosted a virtual release party to celebrate. The show is free and took place on their youtube channel here:

As well as All Aboard! there are appearances from: HELL AND BACK, LITTLE TEETH, PRIMETIME FAILURE, ÜBERYOU, SIDEWALK SURFERS, SHELLYCOAT and RESOLUTIONS. There's plenty of chit chats and some great ALL ABOARD! videos in between. Very Cool!

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