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All Aboard! to play final show

Celebrating one last time the shows that have taken them to sweaty basements all over Europe for the last 13 years, All Aboard! will be playing a final gig in a sweaty basement in their hometown of Monchengladbach on Saturday, 13th May at the Westend JCH.

There’s just a few copies left of All Aboard!’s superb album, ‘The Rules of Distraction’, released by Bakraufarfita Records (EU) and Engineer Records (UK/US).

You can order the album on CD or LP and if it doesn’t knock you out with the first chords, you’re either deaf or you’ve got something wrong with your taste. Saccharine melodies, giant choruses and raw singalongs in the vein of bands like Against Me!, Samiam and the Bouncing Souls. So if you’re longing to get showered in beers in a stuffy cellar club, arms wrapped around your friends and dancing around, then this is your soundtrack and this is your last chance gig.

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