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Bear Away on Mid Life Punk Podcast

Those lovely folks over at Mid Life Punk Podcast had the Bear Away boys on for a chat and it turns out Josh's knowledge of Greggs in Northern cities is pretty impressive. Have a listen here:

Are you going to Scarborough Fair? 'Cause we are. Kind of. Bear Away are in the chair to tell us all about their journey so far, as well as in depth discussions about their brand of melodic hardcore, their line up changes, and their record label commanding reputation.

We also chat about the benefits of living by the sea, unwelcome graveyard guests, Greggs the bakery and their amazing outlet centres, summoning sea creatures, the state of the scene by the sea and much more.

Tom makes a fool of himself (again), we discuss who the hardest person in punk is, we have a Grail Guard EXCLUSIVE first play and we dispel the myth of Peterborough's "Diesel City" claim.

Music this week is from: Electric Press, Less Than Jake, Southport, Our Souls and Grail Guard. MLPP

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