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Bear Away this Sunday

This Sunday will see the long-awaited live return of Bear Away. Taking to the stage during broad daylight in the Museum Vaults in their hometown of Scarborough, alongside Misfortune Cookie and The Diaz Brothers, this should be a great show.

Get along if you can. More info here:

Serial Bowl Records present an afternoon of Sunday punk shenanigans.

MISFORTUNE COOKIE Fronted by troubadour Helen Chambers, the 'Cookies bring us a set awash with pop sensibilities, folk tinges, UK punk chugging and US punk arpeggios. A joyous and uplifting band.

BEAR AWAY Straight outta Scarbados, Bear Away are young bucks paying homage to the glory days of the early 90s - think Megas, Senseless Things, China Drum et al mixed up in a contemporary sound akin to the No Idea roster.

DIAZ BROTHERS 4 Parts Sunderland, 1 Part Worcester. Big tunes, big hearts

2pm kick off, £6 door tax.

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