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Born Infected - Hardcore in clubs and hardcore in caves!

Only just back from a great run of shows, Born Infected are booking up gigs again and have some classics lined up.

In September they'll be playing the Hardcore Hills Festival in Balver Cave. This looks like an incredible venue for a show, with camping and cafe, and loads of great bands playing, including; Dog Eat Dog Rykers Backfire! M-town Rantanplan FALLBRAWL Stinky Blind Ivy Bashdown The Feelgood McLouds ADDITIONAL TIME Risk It Angry Youth Elite MISCONDUCT Circus Rhapsody From the Heart Born Infected 2LegsBad Emscherkurve 77 STAREDOWN Stay In Conflict Denomination d.e.e.p. Old Virus Eyes of Tomorrow ThinIce ManifeStatioN Get in touch for tickets.

And on June 11th they'll be playing at Stamfest '22 in their hometown of Winterswijk in Cafe De Stam with five other bands; Clubber Lang, Speckneck, Fatesealer, Remain Untamed and Harrie's 89.

We've just repressed their 'Self Reflection' CD EP for the third time so there are copies for these shows while we wait for their new recordings.

'Self Reflection' features eight tracks of angry hardcore demanding change and bringing the energy to get it and at least three pounds from every sale (and ALL profits) will go to the HC charities we and the band are supporting.

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