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Calm. join the label and premiere 'Reptile Brain'

We're very excited to announce that the UK's energetic, original and hard-working rockers Calm. will be joining the Engineer Records family.

Blasting straight out of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, this Punk Rock four piece have gone through countless iterations over the past decade playing music together, from Midwest Emo to Hardcore to Skate Punk, and have taken all the best flavours from each phase, added some rock n roll gnarliness and combined it to come out with a massive, anthemic brand of punk rock that is all their own. With influences ranging from Samiam, Jawbreaker. All and Fugazi to Weezer, The Dirty Nil and My Chemical Romance there are really no boundaries to the inspiration behind the Calm. sound, so long as it rages, it goes in the pot!

Throughout the covid chaos of 2021 and early 2022 the band entered Homefire studios in their hometown to record a series of ripping singles including ‘Eat Shit Everyone’ and ‘Reptile Brain’. These singles proved to introduce the fully formed sound of Calm. to the masses. It is at the tail end of this process that the band proudly joined the Engineer Records family to release a compilation of their five singles in a new EP entitled 'Our Twenties' that will be available in digital, CD and limited edition vinyl formats.

(Digital and CD available from 2/9/22 and vinyl on pre-order)

We're launching the EP with the premiere of 'Reptile Brain' with our friends at Thoughts Words Action punk rock blog today. You can check it out here:

"I usually try to go for balance and narrative nuance in my lyricism but sometimes we get ourselves into such toxic environments and relationships that all sense of nuance is thrown out the window. That is Reptile Brain. I wanted this tune to be a totally unrestrained version of the sort of thoughts we all have in the white hot heat of anger, just vomited out."

Calm. want to be out gigging all the time, so promoters should get in touch.

Their next shows are:

21/08 - Leeds @ The Fox & Newt

24/08 - Hull @ The New Adelphi Club

10/09 - Scunthorpe @ Ashby Bowl

24/09 - Harrogate @ Bilton WMC [Benefit Show]

24/09 - Sheffield @ The Harley

21/10 - Leeds @ Santiagos

03/12 - Harrogate @ The Den

As well as these five singles for 'Our Twenties', the covid-19 pandemic proved fertile ground for songwriting and, like the man possessed Ash is, he wrote obsessively, compiling the tunes that will comprise the debut Calm. long form release ‘Dysfunctional Assumptions’. A seven-track mini-album that tells the story of Ash's Twenties, from the murky depths of mental illness to the nostalgic reminiscing of memories created with your best friends. Engineer Records will also be bringing you this record at the end of 2022.

Calm. are Ash, Fred, Jamie & Raphael. Get ready.

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