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Daytime fun with the hardcore kids - Born Infected are back

Born Infected, Hometown Crew and Ammo are playing at Azijn Fabriek in Roermond on 8th May with the doors opening early at 3.30pm and bands from 4pm, costs just 5 euros so get along and have some fun with the hardcore kids!

Just back from two shows with the awesome lads and lady in TIGERKNIFE! On Friday Born Infected played Dingens - Das Jugendkulturhaus and on Saturday they topped it off and played the awesome Cafe Bluff! Photo’s by Ingolf Larfeld

Born Infected's new mini-album 'Self Reflection' contains eight new tracks of angry hardcore demanding change and bringing the energy to get it!

This is powerful music from the Dutch five piece that will move you to action, or at least get you moving.

Two of the tracks feature guest singers, Robin from Strike First and Kevin from Insanity Alert.

You can pick up a CD here.

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