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Dreaded Laramie's new single keeps people guessing

Big Thanks to PunkNews, Close Captioned, Fusion of Sound and many more for asking the same question The Dreaded Laramie were wondering - Where Do The Hardcore Kids Go?

Even with MC becoming a doctor of philosophy, they still can't come to an answer on this tricky one. Maybe you can help?

PunkNews said "The Dreaded Laramie have released a video for their new song "Where Do The Hardcore Kids Go?". The video was directed by William McClatchey. The song is off their upcoming EP 'Everything A Girl Could Ask' due out May 13 via Wiretap Records, Sell The Heart Records, & Engineer Records.

The Dreaded Laramie released The Dreaded LaramiE​.​P. in 2019.

Fusion of Sound called them a 'Nashville powerpop femmecore band' and Close Captioned said 'The new song will knock your socks off'.

Drew, M.C., Andrew and Zach discuss it with the Powered By Rock Podcast guys, and you can listen in here.

There's still a few show left on their current tour, and they also have a track, 'Tell me', on the new Wiretap Records charity compilation, 'Attention'. We'll get to the bottom of this yet.

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