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"Driving for hours. Playing half an hour"

"It's always a pleasure to share the stage with great bands that we met on the road of shows and tours. By dint of meeting each other, we become buddies A bit like with the awesome dudes of JODIE FASTER.

These photos are the result of countless hours of driving. For few hours of concerts. But always full of love. Everytime". Wake The Dead

Counterparts / Wake The Dead / Lifeboats @Rock N'Eat - Lyon

Wake The Dead played at BAILLAROCK FESTIVAL 2022 on 14th May then Les Rhinos Féroces - Festival on 28th May and then ROCK N EAT official(by céd & mike) on 20th June.

Photos by Sam Debout.

Wake The Dead's next show is USELESS FESTIVAL 2022 Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August Carmes Park / The Arrow

With Burning Heads / The Butcher's Rodeo / Krav Boca / Beyond The Styx / P.O.Box Wake The Dead / CORBILLARD / The Dead Krazukies / Fast Lane - Skatepunk / Black Mantra / Monde de Merde


WTD album 'Still Burning' is available on LP and CD from Engineer Records.

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