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DTDA on the Jersey interchange

Four members of (Damn) This Desert Air, within two separate musician collectives, are contributing to the Jersey Interchange collaborative series.

Jersey Interchange is an ongoing series of New Jersey musicians collaborating with one another, stemming from the punk and hardcore scenes of the mid-90s through early 2000’s, covering songs by bands within the scenes they stemmed from.

Although the full reveal on either hasn’t been signaled just yet, this teaser image went up on the Jersey Interchange socials over the weekend for some educated guesses on one of them.

More info on the series in its entirety can be investigated here

Also, DTDA are Midnight Riot's artist of the week. They say that "New Jersey-based band,

@DTDAband delivers an intense sonic boom infused with huge doses of melody. The band is a dense, heavy, effect-laden space rock mixed with melodic post-hardcore". Check it out here:

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