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Eretia song premiere

For the second Eretia song premiere, we have the pleasure of having Open Mind / Saturated Brain from Canada dedicating an article to the band on their blog. Thanks a lot guys.

This is what they had to say:

"Spain's Eretia are gearing up to release their debut six-song full length (cd/tape/vinyl 12") in December and I'm lucky enough to have been chosen for a song premiere! Ex-Tempano and Osoluna, this band sheds their screamo roots for hefty, massive branches from the doomy post-hardcore/post-metal tree. They reside in a forest along with Light Bearer, Aussitot Mort, R. Josef, Downfall Of Gaia, etc."

You can listen to the new track on Eretia's bandcamp too:

Eretia's new album, 'Quietud' will be released jointly by eighteen labels from ten different countries on 15th December this year. Get ready.

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