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First time, long time

The premiere for Neckscars 'First Time, Long Time' video is live over on the No Echo site.

Featuring guest vocals from Jon Snodgrass Music it's another heartfelt post-punk rocker.

Youn can read No Echo's full write up and watch the video here:

"'First time, long time' ends the record as a goodbye to a dear friend who passed away" says Neckscars vocalist / guitarist Will Romeo. "Sometimes you can’t help the people you love. We disconnected and never had the chance to say goodbye".

If you haven’t checked it out yet what are you waiting for?

Neckscars rocking debut album 'Don't Panic' is out next week, on June 18th, with vinyl available from both Sell The Heart (US) and Engineer Records (UK).

This video for 'First time, long time' comes hard on the heels of videos for 'Not enough JPM's' premiered by Punk Rock Theory and 'Jarring' premiered by Brooklyn Vegan.

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