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I Like Allie acoustic for Punk Rock Raduno

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

It was great to see Renato Treves, the singer and guitarist of I like Allie, playing stripped down versions of his songs for the Punk Rock Raduno welcome party.

Renato said "I love playing my favourite punk rock songs on acoustic guitar so I'm super excited that Franz asked me to be a part of the Raduno week. I had a special acoustic set prepared for everyone attending the welcome party at Goisis. Also, check out I Like Allie's latest record 'Rare Instances of Independent Thinking'."

Afterwards he added, "Punk Rock Raduno is always a great time. I had the privilege of playing with my band back in 2019 before the end of the world and the organisers were nice enough to have me back for an acoustic set for the first edition of the 'Worst Raduno Ever' back in summer 2020. This time around, Franz, the festival founder asked me if I could do a short solo set at the Welcome Party Goisis Park hosts on the Wednesday before the Raduno kicks off at Edoné. So to make things special and new I played with my electric guitar (just a little bit of crunch) and put together a short set covering I Like Allie early days, a small dip into our first EP for my friend Andrea of I Buy Records and of course a few off our latest record, 'Rare Instances of Independent Thinking'. I had an absolute blast during my show and got some great feedback from my friends Palmi and the Homograms that played before me, as well as very kind words from legends The Beatnik Termites that were headlining the show and also scheduled to play on Saturday. Overall great vibes and a great night! The rest of the festival I enjoyed so so much as I finally got to see The Methadones, Lone Wolf and Giant Eagles and also hang out with my friends from all over Italy and the world. The festival went off without a hitch, it was extremely well organized and so much fun. Franz, Suzi and the rest of the Raduno team put in so much hard work and it really shows. Can't wait for next year."

Pic by Ludovica Belotti.

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