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Killer sets and crazy pets - The Dreaded Laramie on tour

The opening ten shows of The Dreaded Laramie's massive summer tour to promote thier new EP 'Everything a girl could ask' have been superb and the band wanted to say a few words of thanks...

"Our first 10 day run was a total success & would not have been possible without the support of SO many friends and family. We wanted to take a second to thank you all for everything you’ve done for us over the last couple weeks!!

We had a lot of amazing hosts on this run, including:

@thegreatprincess.ava in Chicago WHO FED US AMAZING TACOS THAT WE ATE ON THE ROOF! Shoutout to the rest of @pinksqueeze_music too for being amazing people and an amazing band, we love all y’all.

@imannadeemmusic THANK YOU for making us feel so loved and taken care of physically and emotionally!! Iman & her mother cooked us one of the best meals of our LIVES (not to mention hooking up the post-show pizza & custard!!). Iman, your loyalty and care and hospitality is on another level, we are so grateful that you choose to share it with us and we hope we can return it soon!

@graphiquephotography & @michaelanderson9851 (aka Zach’s wonderful parents) make us feel like family all the time, and especially when we stayed with them in Denver this week. We love you both so much

@ad.ventureland @danieltgrear @xa.ndria @enby_dee @natedrahn thank y’all so much for hosting us in Little Rock and playing an absolutely killer set and then listening to us tell the longest story in the world at 3am afterwards. You all make us wish there was a 3rd house at Rock House that we could live in & see you all the time. I’m still thinking about my El Sur burrito.

On top of our amazing hosts, we had a blast getting to hang with so many of Zach’s dear friends when we were in Denver. @llahmadama and @tarogatchi … I like kool aid. Enough said.

Instagram only lets us tag so many people, but there are even more amazing folks who I haven’t been able to include in this post. To everyone who played a role in making us feel welcomed and supported on our first longer-than-a-weekender tour as a band, thank you so much, we have been deeply moved by your love and hope to return it as often as possible".

'Where Do The Hardcore Kids Tour?' dates:

6/10 Louisville, KY Art Sanctuary w/ Qwerty & The Histrionics

6/11 Chicago, IL w/ PINKSQUEEZE & CalicoLoco

6/12 Milwaukee, WI Bremen Cafe w/ Shoobie & diet lite

6/15 Denver, CO (big surprise, stay posted!!)

6/16 Boulder, CO w/ Keep Off The Grass & Tonguebyte(house show, DM for details)

6/17 Wichita, KS @ Monika House w/ Junior Retreat

7/1 Savannah, GA The Wormhole w/ Off Work (MY BROTHER William Cunningham's BAND) 7/14 Nashville, TN The 5 Spot w/ Nowhere Fast Borrowed Sparks & Ghost Town Remedy 7/15 Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse w/ Nowhere Fast Penny Circus Qualifier

7/17 Knoxville, TN BrickYard Bar & Grill w/ Nowhere Fast & Rough Dreams

7/24 Louisville, KY Mag Bar for Mag Bar Music Fest!

More dates being added, including the @townselturner Release show for their new record “Felt Like Eternity” alongside @sunmatesband and Nashville homies @ghosttownremedy !! Show is Friday, 7/22 @thefishtanklex at 9pm, $10 cover, come hang!

Photos by @morganelizaphoto

Flier by @townselturner

Check out the videos: Tell Me

Where do all the hardcore kids go?

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