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Limited edition picture disc - American Thrills, Nightmares For A Week, Tired Radio and Neckscars

PUNKNEWS.Org has announced our latest release. A four band limited edition picture disk!

"Upstate NY rockers Nightmares for a Week are back with a new jam. The track is called "Main Street Market" and it will be out as a four way split picture disc release with American Thrills, Tired Radio and Neckscars. The release is available now for pre-order on unique variants through Wiretap Records, Sell the Heart Records, Engineer Records and Rat Terror Records, click here to pre-order a copy".

You can check out Nightmares for a Week's track here:

The record is available for pre-order now and will ship as soon after 22/10 as we receive the vinyl. There will be unique picture disc designs for each label, so why not collect them all!

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