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Never Mind The Hype interview Louisa of Rites about inspiration for the new release...

"Hate is easy and we don't give it space"

Rites from Zeeland have a style of melodic hardcore from the very early '80s flowing through their veins. When everything was still new and an abundance of energy gave the bands a drive that far exceeded musicality. A drive and a message! The latter is also important. Especially as an outlet for the frustrations that come with life. Rites then gives a very nice twist to that. The sound also has clear characteristics of the present and the underlying words have been brought to this time. All in such wonderfully short tracks to not let that energy go to waste. The new 'No Change Without Me', published in the Netherlands by Shield Recordings, in the UK by Engineer Records and in the US by Sell The Heart Records, is the undisputed proof. Frontwoman Louisa takes us on a journey through the new record...

..."I don't know if our music consciously looks back to the past, although of course we do get excited about bands like The Distillers and Minor Threat. Many of the themes that played out then are still relevant today. Rites dares to speak out critically about issues that are close to our hearts, for example in the new EP there are references to homo/transphobia, racism and the environment."

..."'No Change Without Me' is essentially about change starting with a look inward. It's easy to wait for the big wheels to turn, but with critical thinking, a lot can happen within yourself. That radiates to others, you have more influence than you often think."

..." That's exactly what makes us Rites. This variety makes our music our own and makes us think to others and not least ourselves. As I said before, I am a positive person, you can hear that in addition to the frustration about certain aspects. Sometimes it's personal and sometimes it's about the bigger picture, but often it starts with ourselves."

Rites blistering new album 'No Change Without Me' is available on LP and CD from Engineer Records now.

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