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Piledriver - 24 and going strong

The HC kings PILEDRIVER are back from another successful tourette celebrating their 24th year as a band and proving that hardcore is alive and well in The Philippines. On this trip they rocked Iloilo City, Sagay City & Danao City, making a few live videos along the way which you can check out on their facebook page. Here's a photo of them with their crew in Sagay City.

Their 'Constant Batt􏰂les' EP, on six track 10” vinyl or five track CD proves that it doesn’t ma􏰂tter where you’re from, all that ma􏰂tters is what’s in your heart. Hi􏰃tting like a Brooklyn bound subway train, 'Constant Batt􏰂les' feels like it was recorded in a previously hidden and unknown basement of CBGB’s. Piledriver’s beat-down riddled savagery, mosh-laden anthems and infec􏰁tious sing-a-long choruses make you think of Queens rather than the Philippines and demonstrate that New York is more than just a place; it’s a state of mind.

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