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Pre-order Sleave's 'How To Get Over' LP

The sophomore full-length LP from Richmond, VA's alt-punk outfit, SLEAVE, 'How To Get Over' is due for release on April 26th, and is currently available for Pre-order  from Sell The Heart Records (U.S.), Gunner Records (Germany), Engineer Records(U.K.), Sleepy Dog Records (France) and Fuckitall Records (Brazil).

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve pressed vinyl for this release, so Sleave fans old and new can now pre-order their favourite variant which will ship just before the release date. And for those of you who haven’t booked a ticket on the Sleave train, and aren’t familiar with the punk rock gospel according to Richmond’s newest alternative wunderkinder, check out their new single Clean, and discover one of the best-kept punk rock secrets and join the cool kids and the in the know scene folks before Sleave explode and take over the punk rock world…

What are you waiting for? It’s time to find out How To Get Over.

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