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Punknews premieres 'Dine Fleisch' and the new Jukebox Romantics EP is out!

We are pleased to bring you an all new Punknews Exclusive premiere for New York punks The Jukebox Romantics. The band have been working on a new album and will be releasing the Fires Forming EP through Sell The Heart Records (U.S.) and Engineer Records (UK) on December 17, 2021.

The release started in summer 2019, was paused during the pandemic and resumed in 2020 at Nada Recording Studios. The release is up for preorder, click here to grab yourself a copy and choose from three colours of vinyl.

"In life you have a choice of what you put in your body. This song is about that choice. And the choice animals don’t have to what happens to them. It’s from the point of view of animals at a factory farm plotting their escape. It’s basically the plot of chicken run. But bloodier and scarier and this is real life and not a movie. This blurb was written by the non vegan in the band. Sorry to bring y’all down. But seriously, do some research into what and where your food comes from. Vegan or not". - Terry.

The New York based punk quartet are keeping busy with the record release show on 17th December at The Garage at Lucy's in Pleasantville, NY - tickets here - and plenty more reviews. Check out a few below.

Check out The Jukebox Romantics new video for 'Castaway' here.

Choose your favourite colour of vinyl for the new release.

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