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Rites on new playlists

While we wait for the gigs to get started again and the new album to come back from the pressing plant, Rites are keeping busy and have tracks on new playlists and well as new t-shirts available.

Rites appear on the new Shield Recordings sampler, alongside Engineer Records labelmates Bear Away and The Atlantic Union Project, with their new single 'People are alike all over'.

The sampler CDs are going out with all orders from the Shield distro and contain 25 tracks by @theshivvies @harshrealmsband @celebrationsummer @theatlanticunionproject @irishhandcuffs @thewindowsill010 @bear.away @custodypunk @dowzerpunkrock @sweetempirenl @giant_eagles @eaten_by_snakes @circlespunx @establishment024 @primetimefailure @therealdangerpunx @ritesritesrites @paranoid_state_hardcore @lotusbelgium @sendmoreparamedicsuk @once.i.cry @causeariotband @hrkruk @spellsrules @laraignemusic with cover art by @michielwalrave

Rites also appear in the Never Mind The Hype spotify playlist, featuring Mayleaf, For I Am King, Designer Violence and about 30 other rocking bands here:

They also have great new Wednesday Addams and Falkor shirt designs at their bandcamp, here:

You can still check out the video for Rites new song 'People are alike all over' and read all about it on NoEcho here:

Short but sweet, this song is packed with frustration and we’re very excited to share it.

The video, was recorded live at the Vestrock Festival this year.

Finally, Rites will be supporting the amazing Grade 2 and Death By Stereo on 24th March at the Little Devil, Rockcafe Tilburg, Holland.

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