Scary Hours are coming and they won't be marginalised

We are excited to announce that 'Margins' the new record from New Jersey's Scary Hours will be released in conjunction with our partner label Pyrrhic Victory Recordings in the US as a split release!

You can check out the new teaser video premiere here:

This is what their political punk singer Ryan had to say "I wrote this song about marginalized communities, namely the lgbtq community, and found it applied very strongly to the images coming back from Portland that continue to reveal a militarized police force waging war on its own community with the aid of 5 other government agencies. To those either actively fighting back in the streets, or simply existing and living, you are all an inspiration; you embody rebellion. You’ll have to wait to hear the rest. We will be announcing a release date very soon!" - Scary Hours

Get ready for this!

“No longer victims, but a vessel making waves deriving bravery from anger and pain. Wish I could change the world like you’ve changed mine. Your inspiration cannot be confined.”

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