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So be it, Eternity

Pam Risourie will unveil their third EP, 'So Be It, Eternity', in June.

Led by the release of its eponymous single and still supported by three guitars, the Parisians’ indie rock moves away from the twilight dreampop of 'Noctessa' to incorporate more post-rock elements, while exploring the sonic heritage of the 90's in favour of a more contemporary aesthetic.

'So Be It, Eternity' will be released on vinyl by Pyrrhic Victory Recordings (US), Engineer Records (UK) and Lofish Records / Araki Records (France), and well as on cassette with Stellar Frequencies.

This will be a double-release for the band, who will accompany the new EP with a live album, 'I Only Play For You Once a Year', captured during their show at Trabendo, Paris in September 2020.

Jack Rabid of Big Takeover magazine has reviewed the new Pam Risourié EP 'So be it, eternity' and likens the three-guitar Parisian quintet to Slowdive, 4AD, Chameleons, Stereolab & Low. Admiring their depth and luxurious power and glad that their debut LP is now in the process too.

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