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States of Nature

Very psyched to announce that alongside our chums at Sell The Heart Records we will be releasing a new full length album from the Bay Area's own States of Nature.

Featuring members of Dead To Me and Everybody Row, San Francisco’s States of Nature blend 90's era Dischord with modern day punk influenced indie rock to bring a fresh take on a familiar sound with duelling shouty vocals, memorable hooks, and strong counterpointed movement to inspire a rock n’ roll frenzy.

States of Nature began in 2018 self-releasing and recording 3 EPs while captivating audiences around California with awe-inspiring live performances. Playing alongside the likes of Samiam, Shutups, Pardoner, Sarchasm, Decent Criminal and many others, States of Nature are among the most exciting bands of the recent wave of indie rock emerging from the San Francisco Bay Area.

States of Nature is Eric Urbach (ex. Everybody Row) on guitar/vocals, Lindsey Anne on Bass/Vocals, Dennis Orason on guitar, and Isa Knife (Dead To Me) on Drums.

(Photos by Christopher Strum).

Find them on Bandcamp to hear their previous releases.

More info on the full length release soon!

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