'The Actuary' premieres on Rebel Noise

Video Premiere: 'The Actuary' by The Atlantic Union Project from upcoming 3,482 Miles EP.

New melodic hardcore/post-punk outfit The Atlantic Union Project of veteran musicians launch a dynamic and socio-politically relevant anthem and music video on RebelNoise.com

"'The Actuary' is a pumped-up number that charges full-steam ahead with gritty guitar jags, a running bass line, and hard-smacked drum beat. The jagged guitars whirl around Cirinelli’s emphatically shouted out vocals as he decries the economic disparity and other ills that plague our society" says reviewer Jen Dan, adding “The statement music video mirrors the powerful lyrics with equally potent visuals that include footage of a black man holding up an ‘Equal Rights’ sign, homeless individuals, fiery protest in the streets, police in riot gear, overflowing landfills, and people in hospitals”.

You can watch the video and read Jen’s article here: https://www.rebelnoise.com/articles/video-premiere-the-actuary-by-the-atlantic-union-project

You can also listen to the digital single and steam or download from links here: https://ingroov.es/the-actuary-iewx4

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