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The Dreaded Laramie smash their debut album kickstarter goal

Massive congratulations to The Dreaded Laramie on surpassing their kickstarter goal for their 'Power Pop Debut Record'. We can't wait to see what the band come up with for their "album for creating beautiful life in a chaotic world" and they are "in utter disbelief at the support you all have shown us in this whirlwind of a process."

153 backers pledged $21,520 USD to help bring this project to life and as well as the vinyl LP there will be TDL hats, tote bags and pre-release listening party's.

As part of the celebrations The Dreaded Larry's joined their shredding chums Ghost Town Remedy to record some decent versions of the old Christmas classics. Check out 'It's beginning to look at lot like shredmas' on spotify at:

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