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The Image I Have Of Myself

We're excited to announce that the Italian post-hardcore emo-kings, Selflore, will release their first album, 'The image I have of myself' with us on 29th September 2023.

The album is preceded by their new single 'Ragnatela' which is in heavy rotation this month across online radio and digital channels.

'The Image I Have Of Myself' will be available on heavy-weight vinyl and will be co-released in Europe by Engineer Records (Uk), Fireflies Fall (France), Dancing Rabbit (Germany) and Non Ti Seguo Records (Italy), with a cassette version too, available from E Un Brutto Posto Dove Viviere (Italy).

We're stoked about this collaboration and can't wait for you to be seduced by Selflore too.

Selflore was born in Milan in 2021, out of the ashes of other previous projects such as Wasa, and TBA magazine recently asked the band to create a playlist with their main influences, to give listeners a feel for their new album. You can check out their suggestions here:

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