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Turn it up to eleven with Zero Again

Plant-powered punk-rock powerhouse Zero Again are gearing up to play another run of shows to support their critically acclaimed debut album, 'A Deep Appreciation of Suffering' before turning their attention to writing and recording their sophomore full-length offering.


And having set the bar incredibly high, before they switch their focus to crafting another sublime slab of punk-rock wax, they’ll be blowing off some steam at the following shows:


9th May - The Lion, Bristol


10th May - The Castle, London


11th May - 0161 Festival, Monday


12th May - Duffy’s Bar, Leicester


Make sure you don’t miss them, so you can tell all of your friends that you saw Zero Again before the rest of the scene knew who they were and they blow up and become the biggest thing in punk rock since the advent of D-Beat.


For more information about tickets and the show line-ups, catch up, and hang out with Zero Again on Zuckerberg's Folly.


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