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Turndown at Ferndown

Check out the new video from CVM BMX MEDIA - It's the Turndown At Ferndown BMX Jam 2021 and it's soundtracked by Neckscars ('Temporary' from the new 'Dont panic' album) and About leaving (’Conversations in a Car’ from the new 'Scupltures of water' album).

Shot on 19 / 06 / 21, Edited and filmed by SteevCVM, with drone footage by Stuart Mcintosh. Watch the action now at and enjoy the rocking soundtrack!

This new video has been has been put together by the super talented Steev CVM, who also created the action-packed BMX dvd for Entity BMX entitled, ‘The fun doesn’t stop’ where he chose a superb soundtrack featuring Sleave, Come The Spring, The Stayawakes, Jack and Sally, Low Standards High Fives, Iris and Miss Vincent. You can still a dvd, either from us, or direct from:

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