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White Light / White Heat premiere Palm Ghosts new single

Super excited to release the first single from Palm Ghosts new record 'I Love You, Burn In Hell' ... The record will be their first release with Sweet Cheetah Publicity , Poptek Recs and Sell The Heart Records in the US and with Engineer Records in the UK.

The single will be out on all streaming services from today and the record will be available on Vinyl, Cassette, CD and digital from 10th November!

Here's what WhiteLight/WhiteHeat had to say about 'I Love You, Burn In Hell', the first single from the bands new album:

"Nostalgic, lush, and vibrant, punctuated by early U2 and Interpol grooves, the track rouses the dire inflamed emotions of romantic betrayal, swirling on an intricate and anthemic sparkling framework of poignant chiming guitar melodies, slowly swept by desolate airy synth swathes, underpinned by hypnotic punchy drum beats, and mumbling broody bass line throbs, to obsessively bleed with dizzy hopelessness around angsty heartfelt vocals, layering deep, baritone echoes with haunting repetitions, into a harsh sobering reality of regret and pain, “I Love You, Burn In Hell.

You can watch the video and listen to the new single whilst reading their full review here:

And you can pre-order the LP or CD from there Eng Recs store here:

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