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A Drastic Tale of Western Living

Happy Album Release weekend to Bear Away!

Their incredible debut album, 'A Drastic Tale of Western Living', is finally here!

Yellow vinyl LP, limited CD and streaming links all here -

"A long, long time coming. Thanks for sticking with us. We hope you enjoy it

Feel free to stream the hell out of it while the physical copies reach you. A small delay on the vinyl artwork means the labels will get them slightly later than we wanted but hang in there, they will be with you shortly!"

Tracklisting: A1 Wake Up And Smell The Floor A2 East Coast A3 Strange Blood A4 Counting Sleep To Go To Sheep A5 Unless That Rainbow Is Black And Filled With Knives! B1 When The Earth Turns Slow B2 Old Friends B3 Seaside Trash B4 Leaving This Behind B5 Rodeo Bull

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