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"A melodic, angry and emotive gem"

Rebel Noise reviews Neckscars new album, 'Don't Panic' - "Neckscars unleash 10 angry and emotive 90s punk/indie tracks that are full of grit and authenticity".

"On 'Don’t Panic', Neckscars unleash 10 angry and emotive 90s punk / indie tracks that attack you right away and are full of grit and authenticity. Some great mid tempo tracks like 'Loaded' round out the record nicely, as much of this record is full throttle ferocity, which is incredible, we could use more of this in-your-face type of punk rocknroll these days. They have a great ability to blend and execute that ferocity with melodic guitar runs and accenting drum and bass parts. But while the songs remain interesting and dynamic, they never stray too far from the main melody and hook. There’s some Archers of Loaf in there, some Jawbreaker, Leatherface, Hot Water Music. If you’re a fan of those bands, which I certainly am, I think you’ll really dig this record.

Released on amazing mint green 12” vinyl (limited to 150) by Engineer Records (UK) and Sell the Heart Records (US), “Don’t Panic” is one of those albums that found me at just the right time. Maybe it will do the same for you. This is rocknroll with a punk rock edge, spirit, grit and loud guitars. What else is there, really?

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