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All These Songs Are About You

Man oh man, we are so stoked to be teaming up with Sleave again on their new EP!

'All These Songs Are About You' brings four new songs from the Virginia based heavy indie-rock band. Definitely a band to dig into if you’re a fan of Brand New, Taking Meds, The Flatliners, or the like

Out 26th October, it’s a bit of a teaser for other bigger things to come next year, but this EP absolutely smokes!

Teaming up with our buddies at Sell The Heart Records again to bring their music to you.

The EP pre-save link is here:

Be sure to give them a follow, add the songs to your playlists, and share!

Excited about the new releases, the Sleave guys added "We released our EP "Gold" on September 21st 2016, and followed it up with our first full length "Don't Expect Anything" on September 27th 2019. Since then we've been lucky enough to have some amazing experiences spanning from a tour of India to shows with some of our best friends. We've had the pleasure of working with @engrecsguy and have met some wildly talented people including Andy @selltheheartrecords who we'll be working with for our next couple of releases. While reminiscing on the past 7 years, we figured now is the time to announce that we have a lot of new music coming your way. Stay tuned because the coming months will be full of new tunes!"

Sleave's brilliant debut album, 'Don't Expect Anything' is still available on CD from the Engineer Records Store.

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