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Amalia Bloom and Minor Planets in Ox Fanzine #172

Ox Fanzine #172 has just hit our desk and over its 164 pages you can read stories on HAMMERHEAD (cover story), 100 KILO HERZ, 1000 Travels To Noise Records, 2LEGSBAD & Noise To Help Records, ALKALINE TRIO, BACHRATTEN, BE YOUR OWN PET, BLOWFUSE, Chelsea Wolfe, COP AN ATTITUDE, DARKEST HOUR, DREAM SYNDICATE (Film), drummer: Britta Scholl / NEON NEON, EGOTRONIC, EXAT, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, FIDDLER’S GREEN, Gab de la Vega, IDLES, IEDEREEN, ILLEGALE FARBEN, Jack Miller, Finland Hardcore 1980's, Kira Roessler, Kulturgruppe Bielefeld, MAD CADDIES, MANNEQUIN PUSSY, MASSENDEFEKT, MEAN JEANS, NEW MODEL ARMY, PET NEEDS, PINGUIN FLUGSCHAU, Punk in Lithuania, SCHLEIMKEIM (Film), SCUMBAG MILLIONAIRE, SHORELINE, SNACKWOLF, THE CHISEL, TORPEDO MOSKAU, TOTAL CHAOS, ULTRABOMB, Punk in Vienna and many more, plus around 400 reviews of all important LPs, CDs, 7"s, music books and films. Including the two reviews by Sebastian Wahle of Amalia Bloom and Minor Planets latest releases.

The Italian response to TOUCHÉ AMORÉ and LA DISPUTE brings Screamo back to the musical realm map and at the same time delivers in a damn orderly fashion. This is the first time that we have been able to hear DIY coming out of every pore, and it'll make your heart beat faster. The ten songs, which AMALIA BLOOM published in 2022, will not leave anyone unmoved. What the band's singer Tommaso has to say on this album is important! It's a sign that emo, screamo, or as far as I'm concerned, post-hardcore in Europe is anything but dead. Perhaps there is also a little bit of YAGE when it comes to the band from northern Italy with 'Picturesque'. The bands chamber is full and if all goes well, we'll see AMALIA BLOOM on our in Europe again soon.

Hello again, DEAR GET UP KIDS! It seems that you have been playing your shows in Barcelona and leaving an impression. Such a lasting impression that MINOR PLANETS have cut off a slice of you. This debut EP of the Spaniards sounds incredibly beautiful, and rather like the band from Kansas City. This doesn't detract in any way from the six songs though. And in the end, that's why 'Neverending Days' is so special and fun. It may not all sound original, but it is great. You can tell that MINOR PLANETS have their hearts in the right place. (and above all have listened to just the right bands for a long time)

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