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Antillectual get it Together

Antillectual's new album is called TOGETHER for a reason: They appreciate being called a Do It Yourself band, but it's even better to do things together with people they love. Ergo: DIY + FRIENDS = DO IT TOGETHER!

These labels are helping out with the new record. Pre-order TOGETHER from them to save shipping or combine Antillectual's new album with one of their other releases:

BE Bearded Punk Records CA Thousand Islands Records DE Fond Of Life Records DE Keep it a Secret DE Lensen Industries DE Redfield Records FR GUERILLA ASSO FR Kicking Booking HR Geenger Records NL Shield Recordings NL White Russian Records PT Infected Records SE Blackstarfoundation UK Lockjaw Records

FROM CITY TO CITY is the last single release before Antillectual's full length album TOGETHER comes out on 2nd May 2023. Pre-order the album (LP/CD/tape) via the above links or!

Check out the new video here:

The footage for this video was crowdsourced at recent shows in Bochum, Wiesbaden, Alfeld, Glauchau, Würzburg, Liège, Nijmegen and on the road.

Thank YOU for filming, dancing and singing along to a song you’d never heard before! Credits to Jay at Moonboy Films for editing.

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