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Antillectual on the road again

Antillectual have been announcing so many shows around Europe that we were starting to lose track, so here's an overview of what's coming up.

For all details you can go to:

There'll be plenty more shows being announced and if you want to help the band out with another gig then please get in touch via

Which of these shows will you be going to?...

NEW SHOW! Antillectual will also be playing one of the bands favourite venues, the Sonic Ballroom in Koln / Cologne on Friday July 15 with AS WE GO.

(Photo below by Filip Heidinga taken at the 21/5 show with Pussy Riot at the Q-Factory in Amsterdam).

If you haven't already then check out Antillectual on their bandcamp here:

Especially the brilliant 'Covers' EP:

and buy their albums and shirts here:

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