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Devolution covermount CD

Fresh back from a trip to Download Festival with 10,000 screaming metallers the Devolution team have just published issue #49 of their great goth, metal and punk magazine.

This issue has My Ruin on the front cover and the editorial feast inside includes interviews with Moonspell, Cannibal Corpse, Sumo Cyco, Aliceissleeping and Miss Cherry Delight. There is also dark art with a focus on Hannah Horror, alternative fashion, stunning photography by Scott Cole and an incredible covermount CD that is available both on bandcamp and as a physical CD with all printed copies of the magazine.

This cover-mount CD features sixteen great tracks and most importantly, four barnstormers from Engineer Records label-mates; 3 dBs Down with 'Count to a million', Tired Radio with 'Making plans', Side Project with 'It's not a title, it's a label' and Born Infected with 'New reality'.

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