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Indignation on HCWW

Stubborn Will, like all our bands, are looking forward to playing a lot more shows this year and hopefully you'll catch them soon. Their CD EP 'Contempt' is a stormer and you can pick up a copy here.

(Photo - Stubborn Will playing the Spokane Knitting Factory on 10th September).

Hardcore Worldwide have premiered 'Indignation', the new single from Stubborn Will, and you can watch it here:

'Indignation' is about blatant resistance towards giving up in the midst of hardship, and an appreciation for the small moments that are between.

Shot at home during lockdown quarantine, it is the second single taken from the 'Contempt' CD EP by Spokane, Washington, US band Stubborn Will. This three piece American punk band take influences from melodic hardcore and new wave punk to create a musical hybrid that incorporates the aggressive energy of hardcore, while keeping the in your face tone of punk. Stubborn Will is very keen on spreading a message of resilience towards life's unpredictable, and ruthless way of tearing you down.

Stubborn Will's next single will be 'Agape', due for release as video and digi-single on 22nd April '22. Don't miss it, you can pre-save the track on Spotify, Apple and Deezer here:

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