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JBR's magical German summer vacation

The Jukebox Romantics are going on a magical German summer vacation and will be touring this June in Germany with their buddies from Cologne, The Sewer Rats.

The dates confirmed so far are:

June 23 Cologne, @sonicballroom June 24 Essen, @dontpanicessen June 25 Hamburg, @boozecruisefestival June 26 Hamburg, TBA June 27 Hannover, @nordstadtbraut

JBR are clearly stoked to be on their way and commented "We’ve waited long enough. It’s finally happening. We're being reunited with our Köln Kannentime Kinder to bring joy and rock n roll this summer. I can’t believe this has been on hold for two years. The wait is over! It’s KANNENTIME!"

The Jukebox Romantics blasting and brilliant new five song EP, 'Fires Forming' is available on three different colours of vinyl, violet, gold and transparent blue, with beautiful cover art by Mikaela Jane Kennaway, from Engineer Records and Sell The Heart Records.

German tour presented by @coretexrecords @countyourbruises_mag @kannentime @monsterzerorecords @sbtc_clothing @disconnectdisconnect @selltheheartrecords @engrecsguy @boozecruisefest

And don't forget, The Jukebox Romantics will also see you at Camp! @camppunksylvania that is from 9th to 11th September and Festing @thefestfl from 28th to 30th October too!

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