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Minor Planets in Issue Punk zine #130

Just received my copy of Issue punk Zine #130 this morning and it has a great review of Minor Planets ‘Neverending Days’ CD EP in it...

"Not heard of this band before, but can be the best reason for checking them out. They managed to grab my attention with the first song and kept me onboard until the last. An impressive, melodic hardcore band, maybe with a dash of pop punk just to keep things lively and interesting. So yep, interested in catching them live if at all possible and was amazed to find out that they are based in Spain. Seriously impressed at the quality of their English and I can’t detect a hint of an accent. The EP comes with six up tempo songs, spanning 20 minutes, almost a whole set’s worth and certainly enough for you to discover that you really like them and want more."

Review by Neil Duncan in in Issue punk Zine #130.

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