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Never Mind the Hype premiere Rites 'No Change Without Me'

"Last November we received the news that new music from Zeeland hardcore heroes Rites is finally coming. 'People Are Alike All Over' offered the same pointed hardcore we've come to expect from Rites in less than a minute. Today we have the honor of throwing 'No Change Without Me' into the premiere, a track that is actually 42 seconds longer than the previous one, but at least as crunchy and raised. 'No Change Without Me' you can now hear (and see) like lubricated lightning below...

"Just superb! In less than two minutes, 'No Change Without Me' ingeniously and catchily stomps past you. Hardcore that rubs like Zeeland sand in your swimsuit, with a decent production to top it off. According to vocalist Louisa Steenbakker about the track: "There is a lot going on in the world. We long for a better future, but are we willing to work on it ourselves? Change is often seen as something for later, it can sometimes even be frightening. But the future and urgency of change is not as far away as is often thought. It's easy to ignore that urgency and wait for others to take action, but the (sometimes uncomfortable) truth is that you can take the first step yourself. There's no change without you, and it starts with your own mindset." In short, 'No Change Without Me' is a wake up call"

The new album will be a co-release by Shield Recordings, Engineer Records and Sell The Heart Records, and go on pre-order soon. Keep an eye on the webstore.

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