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Never Mind The Hype - The Atlantic Union Project are hardhitters

Yet another great review for The Atlantic Union Project’s rocking ‘3,482 Miles’ mini-album has appeared, this time in the Never Mind The Hype hardhitters review section.

These guys look for everything heavy, alternative and deviant, and this is what they had to say:

Heavily influenced by Hot Water Music, Dag Nasty and The Promise Ring, a mixture is made of emo-worn punk rock from the 80s and the post-punk sounds of the following decade. In the end, it's just six songs of nice up-tempo rock with a message. Underlying is also the wonderful DIY feeling that comes up. No less than three labels, Engineer (GB), Sell The Heart (USA) and Shield Recordings from our own Tilburg work closely together to bring this transatlantic collaboration to the whole of humanity. The band name is inspired by the fact that singer Craig Cirinelli is not in England where the others come from, but in the United States. The title is then exactly the distance, in miles, between the places of residence. It has a certain sadness to be so far away from your comrades-in-arms. That doesn't necessarily have to have influenced the sound, but you feel a deeper melancholy after a few spins, even though the band rocks pretty hard. I wonder how this organizational nightmare can be overcome, because this group must be able to provide fireworks live.” (Martijn Welzen - NMTH)

If you haven’t heard this transatlantic collaboration bridging the waters via intense blasts of post-punk exuberance yet then you can still pick up a digipak CD or sea-green vinyl gatefold 12” at the Engineer Records store now.

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