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New Bear Away album pre-order

Bear Away's magnum opus 'A Drastic Tale of Western Living' will be released on Friday 21st October!

The long-awaited debut album from the Scarborough, UK rockers will be available on limited edition yellow vinyl LP and have CD versions in the UK and Japan.

To celebrate this great news, you can listen to a new song, 'Unless That Rainbow is Black and Filled With Knives!' here now.

This incredible album, entitled 'A Drastic Tale Of Western Living', contains ten tracks of soaring, melodic, fist-in-the-air, shout-a-long anthems that fans of Iron Chic, Samiam, Milloy & Leatherface will embrace with gusto.

The first press of this ten track Yellow Vinyl LP is limited to just 250 copies and is jointly released by Engineer, Brassneck, Shield and Sell The Heart Records.

There is also a CD version, released by Waterslide Records in Japan and Engineer Records for the UK and rest of the world.

There is a pre-order underway now at each of the labels online stores.

The official release date is 21st October 2022 and we will ship your order asap.

Tracklisting: A1 Wake Up And Smell The Floor A2 East Coast A3 Strange Blood A4 Counting Sleep To Go To Sheep A5 Unless That Rainbow Is Black And Filled With Knives! B1 When The Earth Turns Slow B2 Old Friends B3 Seaside Trash B4 Leaving This Behind B5 Rodeo Bull

You can pre-order the album now from our Justice League of labels, Brassneck Records (UK) | Engineer Records (UK) | Sell The Heart Records (USA) | Shield Recordings (EU) | Waterslide Records (Japan)

All the pre-order and song links can be found here:

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