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New Noise premiere 'Tell Me' by The Dreaded Laramie

Today see's the "running at full pelt, athletic track and field" launch of 'Tell Me', the first single and video from The Dreaded Laramie‘s upcoming EP, 'Everything A Girl Could Ask'.

'Tell Me' showcases the band’s core power-pop aesthetic and guitar shredding abilities and is premiering over at New Noise Magazine right now!

TDL Bassist Drew Sisher says, “Normalcy defines our dreams and what we think is possible. But everybody’s weird, we just try desperately to hide it.”

The band often celebrate living authentically with vocalist / guitarist MC Cunningham delivering commentary on gender expectations, insecurity, and a healthy portion of all-consuming crushes.

The band’s sound is perfect anyone unafraid of embracing an emotional heart-to-heart and having fun, knowing these two ideas are not at odds with one another. The Dreaded Laramie serves up these ideas surrounded in sweet melodies, a decadent dose of harmonised guitar interplay, and a power-punching rhythm section, says New Noise magazine.

Read the entire piece and watch the video here:

'Tell Me' is the lead track off of The Dreaded Laramie's upcoming EP 'Everything A Girl Could Ask' out on May 13th on Wiretap Records, Sell The Heart Records and Engineer Records and the single arrives digitally across all channels tomorrow, March 24th.

The brilliant ear-worm that is 'Tell Me' full video is here:

Photos are by Maris Souza (@notfakemaris) and the video is by Wil Kelly (@wil_kellyy)

"Huge thanks go out to the guy who was running on the track the whole time we shot this video".

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