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One year since 'The War On Sparrows' was released.

Happy first birthday to 'The War On Sparrows'! Hard to believe it’s been a year since we released this record. We continue to be very appreciative of everyone’s support.

Special thanks from Break To Broken to Charlene at Ripcord Records and Jared Coffin for providing the forum for us to meet in the first place! Also many thanks to those who have played Break To Broken's music on your airwaves, including SiriusXM Faction Punk and the PUNK ROCKS the WORLD radio show. Thanks to Tom at Aldora Britain Records - AB Records for including our song 'On The Beat' on one of his great compilations, as well as to the blogs, publications, and podcasts that have taken the time to listen and give thoughtful reviews of the record.

or from the band here:

Break To Broken are now deep into the writing of their next record and can’t wait for you all to hear what they’re working on.

Thanks also, for great coverage, to:

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